MxrixhaPaints is a website for the breathtakingly beautiful art of an independent artist, Mxrixha. It was key to make sure her website was functional but didn’t overshadow her art which needed to remain the center of attention.

Mood Board

Main design features:

-Whole screen imagery for each print piece so customers are able to appreciate the intricacy of her paintings/ prints

-Minimal landing page with hidden menu and search bar

-'Virtual Exhibition' of her original art pieces so it feels you are in a gallery viewing her art work.  

- Embedded video taking the customer through the creative and 'BTS' [behind the scenes] process of a painting coming to life.


Services provided within work features:

-Watermarking all product/ print imagery

-Video compilation

- Shipping cost calculation: United Kingdom, EU, Asia, Australia and rest of the world.






 "It’s been such a pleasure to work with Sara and for her to design my website. I  wasn’t sure where I was going with my business and by having a website it’s      given me a clear direction. Sara was very helpful with new ideas/ changes for     what she thought was best for my business and what would work for my customers. Her recommendations for any additional apps had me interested and it’s these little things that will intrigue my customers!"

~ MxrixhaPaints