All website projects start with a consultation to ensure we are the best designers for your project and that we understand what website functionality you require for your product/ service based business.

Following the consultation, we will work together to finalise a mood board for your website which will tell us about how you would like the aesthetics of your website to be. This covers colours, imagery, 'mood,' etc think Pinterest!

Once the mood board is complete we will begin the design precess where we will go away and work our magic curating your website! You will get your first preview of the site within 7-10 days from the day we start building. 

At the preview we will show you the outline of your website and you will be able to see how your website design performs. Getting the website design right for you is something we are very passionate about so if it's not right the first time, we do offer revisions at this stage, free of charge.

Once the initial design is complete we will focus on getting your website fully working with your copy [the wording], setting out all your pages, forms and listing your products complete with their descriptions [if applicable].

We aim to deliver a complete website within a few weeks so you will next see your site around week 6-8 where it will be ready to hand over to you!

If the thought of this is daunting then fear not! We understand it can feel like a bit of a mission having a new website and because we want you to feel 100% happy [and excited] for your launch, we offer a period of free support from the date of handover so you can have peace of mind knowing you're not alone!

At this stage what's left to do? Plan something exciting for your website launch of course! Get excitement among your email list, stir up a frenzy on social media, maybe even a discount code for the customers who will be the first to checkout on your shiny new site, the options are endless!

Whatever you decide to do we'd be delighted for you to start your website journey with us!